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SHINOBI Membership

$60.00 Monthly by Billing


Our Shinobi School is open to kids aged 3*-13.

The Shinobi School Membership costs just $60 per month and allows you to book into unlimited Shinobi School Freestyle Sessions (usually costs $18 per hour).

This means that for less than the cost of one session per week, you can have access to every session on the schedule!


The obstacles are aimed at older kids - ages 7 and up - but there are lots of little ones that can't wait to get started and are capable of doing them. All kids aged between 3 and 6 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT to train at the Shinobi School, and anyone aged 14+ is eligible for one of our adult memberships at Ninja Academy.

PLEASE NOTE: You still need to book the sessions online.
Entry excludes access to special events, private functions, birthday parties, etc that may be run in the space.
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